Charlottetown Festival and more!

August 10th, 2011

Well, it’s been a busier summer than I was expecting to be honest, but loving every minute of the time I am spending working at the Charlottetown Festival in PEI this summer.  The Full Monty and the re-imagined Anne of Green Gables are both receiving positive reception on the island, and you can find a couple of links to some media just to the right on this page!  For that matter here is a little look at what I’ve been up to!

The Full Monty has been playing to enthusiastic audiences, and feedback on the street has been very kind!  The island has also continued to provide charm both from it’s magical landscape and the kind people whom I encounter on a daily basis.  It’s the kind of place that you learn to love living, and it will undoubtedly be difficult to leave the landscape and the friends I have made this time around.

If’ you’re going to be anywhere in the vicinity of the east coast, please get in touch so we can connect.  And to new friends who are visiting the site for the first time, please feel free to get in touch and share your feedback at any time!

Regards of the season….


Welcome to

November 24th, 2010

It’s a work in progress, and you can expect it to grow and grow as time goes on! I am still under construction here, but I decided that it was high time that I put my little corner of cyberspace out for public viewing. More info will be added as time goes by. I welcome your comments and feedback!

While I am at it, let me say that I hope the fall has been treating you well, and that as the holiday season you find time to appreciate all that you have in the spirit of the season.

Merry Chris-ma-hanna-Kwansa-kah to all!