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the makings of a song…. (random blatherings)

Friday, October 6th, 2006

I have been toiling… reading, writing, observing.  And I sing.

He’s somewhat of an idealist, he knows.  He knows that one day the charming, slightly above average looking and exceptionally imaginative subject of the story, you know, the charming, chubby, funny guy-next-door with that amazing smile and big eyes will meet his perfect match. A woman who is kind and patient, with a sharp wit and an equally big heart.  Maybe she will think him cute, perhaps also be intrigued by intellect, but there will be at least something about him that makes her curious to find out more. And as time passes, as they get to know each other better, she may yet gain a glimpse of hidden passions under the surface… A beautiful mind, a charming personality, a restless, fragile heart, a beautiful voice.

He will sing.  She will listen.  He will joke.  She will laugh.  They will somehow make each other feel as though they’ve finally arrived.  She will be warmth and shelter, the source of compassionate support and unconditional love with a glowing desire for his presence, and he for hers. They will make each other feel safe and wanted, accepted and cared for despite their respective flaws. And when it gets rough they’ll clutch tighter.

He will sing, awakened every day anew.  They will dance, hold, kiss, curl, trip, get up.  With any luck beautiful babies follow, and the next chapter will unfold…  He will sing, to her and to them.

I conjure it.