Unexpected Visitors…

Fresh air blew into town today.
Scented with salt, freedom, goodness, opportunity, strength, and a healthy vulnerability.
breathing has never been easier.

Fresh perspective passed through, opting to stay a while.
It brought gifts.
A new way of looking at things.
A willingness to accept the idea that the simplest path may not ALWAYS hold the greatest reward.

A fresh heart moved in today.
Permanently relocated into my chest.
Surprised by the fresh feelings that were hiding behind the air and the perspective.
But tentative none the less, feeling its way through unfamiliar territory.

Fresh timing made an appearance today, but I missed it.
I’d be shaken to the core if it ever happened any other way.
Ever present is the ongoing desire to be perfectly punctual rather than just in time to be too late.
This time the consequence seems greater.

Fresh words left me today.
I opened my mouth and out they went.
Saying what the heart and the perspective and the emotion want to tell…
And finally disregarding the temptation to stay quiet and miss the point entirely.

Fresh thinking has been hanging around.
Seemingly with no intention to leave anytime soon.
I am always glad for its re-appearance, repeatedly guiding me down the right path.

I relish these.

Without fresh air…
Without a fresh perspective…
Without a fresh Heart…
Without fresh timing…
Without fresh words…
Without fresh thinking…

Never would I know what content is.